«…Or change my form, whence all my sorrows come.
Scarce had she finish’d, when her feet she found
Benumb’d with cold, and fasten’d to the ground:
A filmy rind about her body grows;
Her hair to leaves, her arms extend to boughs:
The nymph is all into a laurel gone;
The smoothness of her skin remains alone. »

Ovidio, Metamorphoses, Apollo and Daphne (Book I)



To escape from  Apollo’s chase, Daphne asks to river Peneus, her father, to rescue her and she is transformed into laurel.

As in Ovidio’s myth, where the young girl changes her forms and becomes a tree, in my work female body dissolves and becomes drawing.


Technique / Material
mordant, tar, acrylic


Body & Painting

In these works the body becomes my support, my material, my tool. Its transformation into painting gives the illusion to be thrown in a new reality…mythological or fairy-tale.